Comfort food with a twist

Just made this delicious Ayuvedic supper - carrot ginger soup with roasted chickpeas. Great recipes from Kate O’Donnell her two books: The Everday Ayurveda Cookbook and Everyday Ayuveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind are wonderful. They are much more than just cookbooks and together with expert guidance and advice from Ceri Allan my Ayuvedic journey has been fascinating and tasty! My skin, hair, digestion and sleep have all improved massively. It takes time (in my case 3/4 months) - no quick fix but worth the graft...and the meals are yummy. Ayurveda and Yoga go hand in hand, both offer you the chance to truly nourish body and soul. If you’d like to try a little gentle yoga and meditation you’re most welcome to join me robertasymesyoga online classes (at the moment) on Friday or Sunday morning.

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