Upward/Downward or simply Savasana Dog

When it comes to total physical relaxation we can learn so much from animals far from being an intrusion in home practice they can be an inspiration. My springer spaniel is quite happy to snore through asana practice, he finds a guided Yoga Nidra a delight and only really wakes up and climbs onto the mat towards the end of class - if I’m attending somebody else’s online session. The other day I had just done a Janet Stone online class from San Francisco via Insight Timer and what you see below was the result! It is the complete physical surrender which we often find so difficult and yet to progress in both our physical and mental bodies it is a crucial factor. So much of the benefit of any physical practice is harvested in that moment of surrender at the close of the class. So here’s to embodying Ardva Mukha Svanasana, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana and to Savasana - true Bhava yoga. Enjoy your practice. Hari Om

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